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Auscura is Offering a Free COVID-19 Screening Solution to Help Businesses Comply with AB 685, California's New Requirement for Companies to Inform Employees of an Exposure Within One Day
Sun Sep 20, 2020 | This Web-Based Technology Automates Infection Pattern Tracing and Alerts Supervisors and Workers to Incidents

The First Minority-Owned Chiropractic Clinic, Desert Hot Springs Chiropractic, Opens in Desert Hot Springs, CA
Sun Sep 20, 2020 | Dr. Tiffany Raith brings a drug-free option for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, for the whole family, to the Coachella Valley

The World's First Vitamin-Sediment Combination Filter Shower Kit
Sat Sep 19, 2020 | Launches on Kickstarter in September

2 Step Total Foot Care "Toola" Featuring the World's First Glass-Etching Technology
Sat Sep 19, 2020 | Launches on Kickstarter in September

Hanna Law Explains Why a Personal Injury Case Goes into Litigation
Sat Sep 19, 2020 | While personal injury lawyers try to avoid litigation, sometimes there are reasons why a case should go to trial.

Serra Champaign Strengthens 2020 Expansion Plans by adding Jennifer Falcon to the Leadership Team
Sat Sep 19, 2020 | Serra Champaign selects Jennifer Falcon as new General Manager

PRC's New Manager Bootcamp Wins Excellence Award
Fri Sep 18, 2020 | Impressive 22:1 ROI with Booyah Advertising Drove National Award Recognition

Damage Control Introduces the First to Market 3D Printed Mouth Guards in the US
Fri Sep 18, 2020 | Damage Control now Manufactures 3D Printed Mouth Guards.

New Single Too Much Lead in the Pipes
Fri Sep 18, 2020 | Liberty is Pissed Look at Her

Syracuse-based Defense Company Releases PSA on Back-to-School Safety, Focusing on Active Shooter Education and Mental Health Awareness
Fri Sep 18, 2020 | Knowing that kids have been stuck at home without social interaction, mixed with anxiety, depression, and a host of other issues that may be present in their homes, we are concerned about the mental health implications of COVID-19 quarantine.

Grapevine Expands Urban Wine Trail with Two New Winery Tasting Rooms
Fri Sep 18, 2020 | Bull Lion Winery and Landon Winery offer new Grapevine wine experiences

Tree Schema Partners with 1776 to Bring Metadata Management to Over 150 Startups
Fri Sep 18, 2020 | 1776 continues to define the trend for startup incubators by being the first to make metadata management available to all members, exemplifying the growing importance for data management in companies of all sizes.

EC-Council University to Award Qualified U.S. Veterans and First Responders a Hero's Scholarship
Fri Sep 18, 2020 | EC-Council University announces the Cyber Security Hero's Scholarship to thank all U.S. Veterans and First Responders for their service to the country. Through this scholarship, the university will cover 10% of the tuition.

Taylor Garrett Spirits Releases Rugged Rye Sibling
Thu Sep 17, 2020 | An encore to the launch of an accelerated whiskey, Taylor Garrett Spirits releases Rye

Spirion Unveils Global Alliance Partner Program
Thu Sep 17, 2020 | Establishes technology and solution provider partner ecosystem committed to strengthening personal data protection through best-in-class solutions

Bobby Vinton Performs Rock Version of a Johnny Prill Song
Thu Sep 17, 2020 | A Bobby Vinton recording of "Proud to be American" is released for the first time.

Local and International Groups Come Together to Donate Blood Plasma for COVID-19 Treatment in Response to FDA Authorization
Thu Sep 17, 2020 | Several groups around the world gather COVID-19 survivors to donate blood plasma in the race for a safe and effective cure. Some of these large-scale donations are provided by minority religious groups.

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