About Us

Dragstrip Communications is a group of professional experienced marketing and communications experts that help you get your message to those who count.

Dragstrip Communications provides you with services that cover all stages of your business marketing life cycle. Some of our services include market research, logo design and branding, development and implementation of strategic marketing plans, blog writing, article writing, press release writing and getting your news and information to the media and your customers.

Our assistance with your business ranges from single project involvement in a particular strategy (such as developing a website or brochure) to managing your overall business marketing and communications, like developing a perpetual email marketing program in concert with the development of a new website and more.

We are communications and marketing specialists, and therefore have the time and expertise to focus on developing and implementing strategies specific to your business that will achieve you results.

We help you think outside the box, often working across a range of different industries bringing diverse perspectives and experience to the table.

Of utmost importance, turning to Dragstrip Communications as a part of your business plan shows a maturity in business development. Those who need medical attention, turn to a doctor and those who are looking to grow their business, turn to Dragstrip Communications. By seeking external advice and expertise, you can ensure your marketing decisions are not made in isolation and that your strategies are effective and realistic.